An eventful weekend for San Diego’s own MDRN HSTRY

Friday’s 4/20 celebration show was a warm up set for Sunday’s main event! The boat party on Malarkey Charters, care of Mission Bay Sport Center, was greeted by blues skies and light winds. Perfect weather, bare skin, and the scent of sunscreen and tequila set the scene for a day long bay excursion.

Starting at the Mission Bay Sport Center’s Hyatt location, the MDRN HSTRY loaded their gear and set sail for a discreet cove in the outer areas of Mission Bay. A pack of rafted pontoons waited eagerly their arrival, keeping hydrated and rocking with the tide before before they rocked out with MDRN HSTRY.

Against heavy odds, noise complaints, too much agave and a jetpack appearance, MDRN HSTRY and its gear survived the epic voyage.

Nate Sinisgalli of Elite Aerial captured the action, subsequently compiling a highlight reel viewable above or on MDRN HSTRY’s Youtube channel


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