Garage Mahal Sessions - The Rinds
The Rinds playing the Garage Mahal on 6/15 – Photo by Liliana Burke

“You’re playing drums and singing lead vocals.. was this an instrumental band before you stepped in?”

“We had a bassist who was also our lead singer, we actually played our first show with him.” Adam responded.  “He ended up bailing and we had no singer, so I kinda just picked it up.”

“Were you singing in bands before The Rinds?” I asked.

“Not seriously, no,” He chuckled. “It’s all new to me… I’m kinda just learning as I go now.”

The bands elder at 23, Adam Spurlock is the rare bird who can pull off high energy vocal stylings and consistent rhythms without bursting blood vessels in his eyes or suddenly fainting.

The Rinds recently released their first official single Wasting Time, which can be found on Spotify, etc. Check out the live version from their session:

Lead Guitarrist Blake Brownyard and Bassist Cheston Brand have ties going back as far fifth grade, but Alex Solano (Rhythm Guitar) claims it was the class they shared in high school that propelled their friendship in the direction of band life; first going under the names Bite The Curb, and then (to Alex’s disapproval) Human Shaped.
“Our first song ever In The Headlights we wrote in Blake’s garage at like 10 at night,” Alex informed us, “we usually open with that.”

The Rinds - Garage Mahal Sessions
The Rinds, Photo by Liliana Burke

The Rinds brought with them a handmade band artifact; a kick-drum logo made of poster board (pictured above) used for the 3rd show they played under the new name. Constructed from thick neon paper and glue sticks, it had “free block before lunch” figuratively written all over it; A perfect addition to the ‘Mahal esthetic.

“We take our own arts & crafts very seriously” Blake informed us – and it shows; studio recordings are lined up for release throughout the summer.

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– Jesse Orlando


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