Filmed on 5/12 for Garage Mahal Sessions

Newgrass 8-piece powerhouse Shakedown String Band packed into the Garage Mahal for their Session and actually managed to fit the whole band AND their instruments inside is heavily decorated walls.

On May 12th Shakedown String Band performed original songs End Of The Line and Open Road along with Wood Brothers cover Sing About It for the occupants of the Garage Mahal.. The Wood Brothers translated well to their additional instrumentation, banjo and electric guitar adding folky layers to acoustic guitar, double bass, harmonica drums and percussion; all of which were utilized in the 2 original pieces. Three part vocal harmonies spiced the proverbial apple pie for an authentic, wholesome americana experience.

Garage Mahal Sessions thrives because of musicians like the members of Shakedown String Band. For most of them, this is one of multiple active projects; Quel Bordel and Feathers & Lead, (both due for a Session this season) share members.
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