4/28/2018 Garage Mahal Sessions

Matt Burke and Walter Ayllon of 4 piece indie pop-outfit Grizzly Business spent an afternoon with us on April 28th, 2018 to record their Garage Mahal Session. Walter (Vocals, Guitar) and Matt (Drums) only made up half of the full band, but after the firat song of their set it was obvious the 2 were the unit’s core members.
The duo performed stripped down versions of Grizzly Business songs Fake British Accent, New Dog Old Tricks and their heavy hitter Rich Girls. The latter track Rich Girls has nearly 10k listens on Spotify at the time of this article, and rising.

The Grizzly Business that Garage Mahal Sessions witnessed that day was a power duo. Playing the first song of a set while wearing a horse mask behind a low-end drum kit covered in t-shirts was too natural for Matt. His beats would not be contained nor diluted by face or drum coverings – of any kind.

Walter made performing music look feel like  having a casual conversation. Words just spilled out over the gritty tones of his telecaster;  poetic, well timed, and with a “I’m James Mercer writing songs for The Strokes, but whatever” sort of demeanor.

Grizzly Business will be going on indefinite hiatus while Walter is traveling in America’s hat, ye olde Canada. Matt, however, will be keeping busy with other projects. Check out his other notable project   ——– > Mittens <——-




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