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Fashion Jackson performing their music live at the Garage Mahal on 6/2/18

“How would you describe your music to someone who’s never heard it before?”

“It’s a god-damned dumpster fire.” Eddy, (Guitar, Vocals, Production) chuckled at his own response. “It’s a hot mess. We call it garage pop because we consider it pop music, but we play it in a garage.”
We all smirked a bit at this self analysis. Though an unconventional description, it wasn’t all that far off.
The group’s heavy hitter “Gossamer” is a dancy, post-90’s electro emo anthem; laced with alternative vibes and nestled comfortably in a bed of “woah is me” pop vocals. The kind of song that makes memories of teen angst and house party shows come rushing back.

Fashion Jackson made “Gossamer” popular in the local scene, but the origins of this track date back to Eddy’s previous venture under the name T-Rex MotherTake a listen to the original version here:

Bands who are invited to play in the Garage Mahal are encouraged to bring an “artifact” as a topic of discussion for the interview. Past bands have brought things like old show posters, The Frets donated a giant pineapple costume (visible in top picture, right hand corner)… FJ took this opportunity to recreate the EP cover art for Gossamer. Shawn whipped up his secret recipe for home made napalm and Eddy donated a pair of his old Chuck Taylor’s to be sacrificed to gods of garage rock. A few hours before the session, I got a call from band.
“Do you have an outdoor area near the Mahal? We want to light a pair of shoes on fire.”
My first thought was “This sounds like a terrible idea,” which was immediately drowned out by “We have to do this.”
“…..Sure, we can figure something out.” I replied.
Napalm was made. Shoes were sacrificed.

No regrets here.

The recreation of the Gossamer EP album cover

The used-to-be 4 piece was down a member for their Garage Mahal Session, but you’d never know unless they told you. Sterling (bass, Jumpsuit) is punk rock Gumby, standing well over 6 feet tall in a bright green one-piece as if he’d just finished signaling aircraft. He mercilessly slapped the bass like a funky priestess and dry humped the air for the sets entirety. Eddy’s charisma on stage keeps the focus on the band until they decide otherwise, feeding off Sterling’s thick grooves while Shawn (drums, Midi) holds down rhythms that lock it all into place. The on stage communication is impressive, and the trio is tight – no argument there. Fashion Jackson has a way of making you feel as happy as they look while they perform.

Visually entertaining, sonically compelling, and also musically knowledgable – Eddy went to Berklee School of Music in Boston for a year, absorbing 2 semesters of standardized musical curriculum before braving the industry on his own. Shawn and Sterling are both of a musical pedigree as well, having grown up in the scene around their parents’ band adventures. The three didn’t hesitate to jump in on some after-session jams with the members MDRN HSTRY.

Fashion Jackson’s newest release, a single entitled “Honey”, nods to their previous success with Gossamer. A spoken-word approach on verses with a poppy feel-good-about-feeling-bad chorus that has you singing along by the second pass. Recorded as 4 piece, watch the band do it justice as a trio during their Garage Mahal Session:

The San Diego boys aren’t going off the radar anytime soon. With a long list of upcoming summer events planned, you have plenty of opportunities to catch Fashion Jackson live. Among others, the list includes a headlining spot at the Casbah along side MDRN HSTRY, and a slot on the Same Same But Different Fest bill with names like Lettuce, The Floozies, and Boombox; the band’s set is only getting tighter as their crowd continues to grow.

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