“In a world where Quentin Tarantino and Jim Morrison co-exist, are close friends, and own a surf shop in Southern California, MDRN HSTRY channels the soundtrack to the duo’s pursuit of beach-lifestyle.”

San Diego based, six-piece alternative rock band has its origins in the Pacific Beach party scene. Having met at a house party on Cinco de Mayo in 2017, the group got busy fast and lo-fi garage recordings of their early work surfaced only a few months later.
After compiling weeks worth of long-haul improvisational sessions, the members combed through hours of material for tag-lines, poetic verses, droning rhythms and powerful hooks. Attempts to “recreate” these fragments led to the subsequent birth of  “Live in the Garage-Mahal”.
The 5 track EP has layers of surfy, vintage vibes. Cut up by lo-fi fuzz tones, psyche-out solos, poppy hooks and spooky delay effects,  the self-produced and recorded debut fueled the groups ambitions. The follow up 3 track release “Headphone Jams” are choice raw recordings of the same sessions.

MDRN HSTRY is currently recording their first full length record geared for release in June of 2018.


Shea Smith ——- vocals
Jesse Orlando —guitar, vocals
AJ Peters ———-guitar, bass
Drew Wright —– guitar, bass, keys, MIDI
Nick Roberts —- guitar, bass, keys, vocals
Pete Eichar ——- drums, vocals