It was an eventful few days for MDRN HSTRY; On top of playing two shows this weekend, the band nearly won the fan-favorite vote for NPR’s video of the week,  lining them up for an honorable mention on the midday broadcast.

NPR Producer Michael Lipkin talked about MDRN HSTRY and their elaborate array of props used in their submission video, with things like “a horse head wearing a beanie hat.” He went on to nod at the band’s mascot, Bella, and pronounced her full name correctly! “Bellandranog-non Faltrooth Hemmingpurse,” (after a little phonetic coaching via email).

On the website, he wrote about MDRN HSTRY saying:

“The band MDRN History jam-packed its video with props including a rubber horse head with a beanie hat. Center stage is the band’s mascot, an 11-year-old dog named Bella which is short for Bellandranog-non Faltrooth Hemmingpurse. The pooch got a shout out from the All Songs Considered team in a round-up of their favorite pets in the submission videos.”

With over 5000 entries, it was an honor for MDRN HSTRY to be included in any shoutout by NPR,  On top of being in the Tiny Desk “supercut” video (a mashup of around 30 bands sharing the same canine theme) MDRN HSTRY was astounded to be 1 out of only 5 video chosen for a fan vote. They finished in 2nd place with 34% of the vote next 1st place’s 35%. A narrow margin!

The full article, including a recording of the NPR radio broadcast with MDRN HSTRY’s mention and a clip of their song “San Jose,” can be found on NPR’s site HERE


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