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Today we’d like to introduce you to Jesse Orlando.

Jesse, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today.
I was bored. I wanted to jam with more people, and I wanted to blow off some steam and party with musicians like me. I started throwing party’s and turning up my amps hoping I’d attract musicians or music lovers before I annoyed my neighbors, and to my luck, it actually worked!

The first Cinco de Mayo bash I hosted inevitably formed my current project “MDRN HSTRY”, and since then we’ve been inviting bands to play the house parties and recording sessions of their music live. I know the struggle of flying under the radar as a creative. I see the opportunity to grow the local scene an expose the talent we have in San Diego, and at the same time, I get to hang out with amazing like-minded musicians.

Ever since I can remember I’ve been drawn to music; listening, creating, collaborating – the excitement of its mystery and power to invoke vivid emotions always kept a tight grasp. The Garage Mahal started as a creative space to share ideas; it has grown to be a hub for underground music, slowly filling with strange artifacts left behind by those passing through.

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
This has been a learning curve so far. I’m teaching myself how to run live sound, mix audio, film, edit video, advertise, interview people and host bands in my house all at the same time. The process is slowly becoming refined but there are challenges every session!

Funding is by far the largest obstacle. As a growing “free” service, I’m currently looking for sponsors and endorsements to help continue the momentum.

Garage Mahal Sessions – what should we know? What do you guys do best? What sets you apart from the competition?
The Garage Mahal Sessions curate quality underground music. I provide an opportunity for local bands to create an amazing live video in a truly unique setting. The audio is mixed and video is edited in-house, for free. I’m inspired to document the ever-changing local scene; bands come and go and some have an incredible impact. I want to capture it all. I intend to cultivate and unify San Diego music.

What is “success” or “successful” for you?
Success is being recognized. I’d love to be seen as a catalyst for this movement. The bigger picture would have Garage Mahal Sessions all over the US, documenting local bands and exposing raw talent. I’d like my contact list to extend across the world.

Contact Info:





Garage Mahal Sessions - The Rinds
The Rinds playing the Garage Mahal on 6/15 – Photo by Liliana Burke

“You’re playing drums and singing lead vocals.. was this an instrumental band before you stepped in?”

“We had a bassist who was also our lead singer, we actually played our first show with him.” Adam responded.  “He ended up bailing and we had no singer, so I kinda just picked it up.”

“Were you singing in bands before The Rinds?” I asked.

“Not seriously, no,” He chuckled. “It’s all new to me… I’m kinda just learning as I go now.”

The bands elder at 23, Adam Spurlock is the rare bird who can pull off high energy vocal stylings and consistent rhythms without bursting blood vessels in his eyes or suddenly fainting.

The Rinds recently released their first official single Wasting Time, which can be found on Spotify, etc. Check out the live version from their session:

Lead Guitarrist Blake Brownyard and Bassist Cheston Brand have ties going back as far fifth grade, but Alex Solano (Rhythm Guitar) claims it was the class they shared in high school that propelled their friendship in the direction of band life; first going under the names Bite The Curb, and then (to Alex’s disapproval) Human Shaped.
“Our first song ever In The Headlights we wrote in Blake’s garage at like 10 at night,” Alex informed us, “we usually open with that.”

The Rinds - Garage Mahal Sessions
The Rinds, Photo by Liliana Burke

The Rinds brought with them a handmade band artifact; a kick-drum logo made of poster board (pictured above) used for the 3rd show they played under the new name. Constructed from thick neon paper and glue sticks, it had “free block before lunch” figuratively written all over it; A perfect addition to the ‘Mahal esthetic.

“We take our own arts & crafts very seriously” Blake informed us – and it shows; studio recordings are lined up for release throughout the summer.

Links to check out:

THE RINDSFacebook – InstagramSoundcloudYoutube

GARAGE MAHAL SESSIONSYoutubeFacebookInstagramSoundcloud


– Jesse Orlando


Garage Mahal Sessions | Fashion Jackson

Garage Mahal Sessons | Fashion Jackson
Fashion Jackson performing their music live at the Garage Mahal on 6/2/18

“How would you describe your music to someone who’s never heard it before?”

“It’s a god-damned dumpster fire.” Eddy, (Guitar, Vocals, Production) chuckled at his own response. “It’s a hot mess. We call it garage pop because we consider it pop music, but we play it in a garage.”
We all smirked a bit at this self analysis. Though an unconventional description, it wasn’t all that far off.
The group’s heavy hitter “Gossamer” is a dancy, post-90’s electro emo anthem; laced with alternative vibes and nestled comfortably in a bed of “woah is me” pop vocals. The kind of song that makes memories of teen angst and house party shows come rushing back.

Fashion Jackson made “Gossamer” popular in the local scene, but the origins of this track date back to Eddy’s previous venture under the name T-Rex MotherTake a listen to the original version here:

Bands who are invited to play in the Garage Mahal are encouraged to bring an “artifact” as a topic of discussion for the interview. Past bands have brought things like old show posters, The Frets donated a giant pineapple costume (visible in top picture, right hand corner)… FJ took this opportunity to recreate the EP cover art for Gossamer. Shawn whipped up his secret recipe for home made napalm and Eddy donated a pair of his old Chuck Taylor’s to be sacrificed to gods of garage rock. A few hours before the session, I got a call from band.
“Do you have an outdoor area near the Mahal? We want to light a pair of shoes on fire.”
My first thought was “This sounds like a terrible idea,” which was immediately drowned out by “We have to do this.”
“…..Sure, we can figure something out.” I replied.
Napalm was made. Shoes were sacrificed.

No regrets here.

The recreation of the Gossamer EP album cover

The used-to-be 4 piece was down a member for their Garage Mahal Session, but you’d never know unless they told you. Sterling (bass, Jumpsuit) is punk rock Gumby, standing well over 6 feet tall in a bright green one-piece as if he’d just finished signaling aircraft. He mercilessly slapped the bass like a funky priestess and dry humped the air for the sets entirety. Eddy’s charisma on stage keeps the focus on the band until they decide otherwise, feeding off Sterling’s thick grooves while Shawn (drums, Midi) holds down rhythms that lock it all into place. The on stage communication is impressive, and the trio is tight – no argument there. Fashion Jackson has a way of making you feel as happy as they look while they perform.

Visually entertaining, sonically compelling, and also musically knowledgable – Eddy went to Berklee School of Music in Boston for a year, absorbing 2 semesters of standardized musical curriculum before braving the industry on his own. Shawn and Sterling are both of a musical pedigree as well, having grown up in the scene around their parents’ band adventures. The three didn’t hesitate to jump in on some after-session jams with the members MDRN HSTRY.

Fashion Jackson’s newest release, a single entitled “Honey”, nods to their previous success with Gossamer. A spoken-word approach on verses with a poppy feel-good-about-feeling-bad chorus that has you singing along by the second pass. Recorded as 4 piece, watch the band do it justice as a trio during their Garage Mahal Session:

The San Diego boys aren’t going off the radar anytime soon. With a long list of upcoming summer events planned, you have plenty of opportunities to catch Fashion Jackson live. Among others, the list includes a headlining spot at the Casbah along side MDRN HSTRY, and a slot on the Same Same But Different Fest bill with names like Lettuce, The Floozies, and Boombox; the band’s set is only getting tighter as their crowd continues to grow.

Links to check out:

GARAGE MAHAL SESSIONS – YouTube  <—– Subscribe to this channel!

FASHION JACKSONFacebookInstagramSoundclound

SAME SAME BUT DIFFERENT FEST Website – Facebook – Instagram

– Jesse Orlando


Garage Mahal Sessions | Stray Monroe

Shot on 4/29 with Stray Monroe for Garage Mahal Sessions

Stray Monroe played a Garage Mahal Session On April 29th,  debuting their fourth member. After performing songs Happy Accidents, Hold the Line, Seaside,  and their Always Sunny homage Dayman, the young rockers stuck around for some after-jams with members of MDRN HSTRY.

Find the videos from Stray Monroe‘s Garage Mahal Session on our YouTube channel ———-> HERE <———–


Garage Mahal Sessions | Shakedown String Band

Filmed on 5/12 for Garage Mahal Sessions

Newgrass 8-piece powerhouse Shakedown String Band packed into the Garage Mahal for their Session and actually managed to fit the whole band AND their instruments inside is heavily decorated walls.

On May 12th Shakedown String Band performed original songs End Of The Line and Open Road along with Wood Brothers cover Sing About It for the occupants of the Garage Mahal.. The Wood Brothers translated well to their additional instrumentation, banjo and electric guitar adding folky layers to acoustic guitar, double bass, harmonica drums and percussion; all of which were utilized in the 2 original pieces. Three part vocal harmonies spiced the proverbial apple pie for an authentic, wholesome americana experience.

Garage Mahal Sessions thrives because of musicians like the members of Shakedown String Band. For most of them, this is one of multiple active projects; Quel Bordel and Feathers & Lead, (both due for a Session this season) share members.
Most importantly these sessions are made possible because of subscribers like you! Subscribe to our channel   ——-> HERE <———


Garage Mahal Sessions | Grizzly Business

4/28/2018 Garage Mahal Sessions

Matt Burke and Walter Ayllon of 4 piece indie pop-outfit Grizzly Business spent an afternoon with us on April 28th, 2018 to record their Garage Mahal Session. Walter (Vocals, Guitar) and Matt (Drums) only made up half of the full band, but after the firat song of their set it was obvious the 2 were the unit’s core members.
The duo performed stripped down versions of Grizzly Business songs Fake British Accent, New Dog Old Tricks and their heavy hitter Rich Girls. The latter track Rich Girls has nearly 10k listens on Spotify at the time of this article, and rising.

The Grizzly Business that Garage Mahal Sessions witnessed that day was a power duo. Playing the first song of a set while wearing a horse mask behind a low-end drum kit covered in t-shirts was too natural for Matt. His beats would not be contained nor diluted by face or drum coverings – of any kind.

Walter made performing music look feel like  having a casual conversation. Words just spilled out over the gritty tones of his telecaster;  poetic, well timed, and with a “I’m James Mercer writing songs for The Strokes, but whatever” sort of demeanor.

Grizzly Business will be going on indefinite hiatus while Walter is traveling in America’s hat, ye olde Canada. Matt, however, will be keeping busy with other projects. Check out his other notable project   ——– > Mittens <——-




MDRN HSTRY Boat Party in Mission Bay

An eventful weekend for San Diego’s own MDRN HSTRY

Friday’s 4/20 celebration show was a warm up set for Sunday’s main event! The boat party on Malarkey Charters, care of Mission Bay Sport Center, was greeted by blues skies and light winds. Perfect weather, bare skin, and the scent of sunscreen and tequila set the scene for a day long bay excursion.

Starting at the Mission Bay Sport Center’s Hyatt location, the MDRN HSTRY loaded their gear and set sail for a discreet cove in the outer areas of Mission Bay. A pack of rafted pontoons waited eagerly their arrival, keeping hydrated and rocking with the tide before before they rocked out with MDRN HSTRY.

Against heavy odds, noise complaints, too much agave and a jetpack appearance, MDRN HSTRY and its gear survived the epic voyage.

Nate Sinisgalli of Elite Aerial captured the action, subsequently compiling a highlight reel viewable above or on MDRN HSTRY’s Youtube channel


San Diego Musicians Vie For NPR Tiny Desk Fame

It was an eventful few days for MDRN HSTRY; On top of playing two shows this weekend, the band nearly won the fan-favorite vote for NPR’s video of the week,  lining them up for an honorable mention on the midday broadcast.

NPR Producer Michael Lipkin talked about MDRN HSTRY and their elaborate array of props used in their submission video, with things like “a horse head wearing a beanie hat.” He went on to nod at the band’s mascot, Bella, and pronounced her full name correctly! “Bellandranog-non Faltrooth Hemmingpurse,” (after a little phonetic coaching via email).

On the website, he wrote about MDRN HSTRY saying:

“The band MDRN History jam-packed its video with props including a rubber horse head with a beanie hat. Center stage is the band’s mascot, an 11-year-old dog named Bella which is short for Bellandranog-non Faltrooth Hemmingpurse. The pooch got a shout out from the All Songs Considered team in a round-up of their favorite pets in the submission videos.”

With over 5000 entries, it was an honor for MDRN HSTRY to be included in any shoutout by NPR,  On top of being in the Tiny Desk “supercut” video (a mashup of around 30 bands sharing the same canine theme) MDRN HSTRY was astounded to be 1 out of only 5 video chosen for a fan vote. They finished in 2nd place with 34% of the vote next 1st place’s 35%. A narrow margin!

The full article, including a recording of the NPR radio broadcast with MDRN HSTRY’s mention and a clip of their song “San Jose,” can be found on NPR’s site HERE


NPR Tiny Desk: All Songs Considered

NPR’s Tiny Desk Contest chose MDRN HSTRY’s entry for their 3rd and final fan-vote video of the week! Along side five other entries, viewers and fans are able to vote for their favorite song. Here’s what they wrote about us:


These San Diego Dudes sure do love their well-behaved furry friend. Rumor has it Bella prefers old-school hip-hop to the jangly guitar rock MDRN HSTRY makes, so maybe she’s just here for pets. Here’s what the band told us:

Bella’ is short for Bellandranog-non Faltrooth Hemmingpurse. She’s an 11 year old purebred Barking Mop, band mascot and sonic inspiration …

The facts:

1. She enjoys eating and yawning while in between naps under the organ bench.

2. She waits for the ‘walk’ signal at crosswalks.

3. She has a higher attendance level than most band members.

Original article can be found HERE


Thanks for the feature NPR!



MDRN HSTRY at the Garage-Mahal

Alright folks, strap in. The weekend is fast approaching and we’ve got some big plans. Our good friend Zach is turning 23! Seeing as we already had a little “event” in the works, we’re combining forces with Coral Bells and throwing a full on shin-digger.

We’ll be having drinks and pre-jams starting at 7pm. The honorable Coral Bells will take the stage at 9 pm. If you haven’t peeped their content yet, give it a listen! You won’t regret it; their folk-pop blend of indie and americana will have you shouting “Hey!” and “Ho!” like a teenager at a Lumineers concert. Shortly after their appearance in the Garage Mahal, Coral Bells are scheduled tp be opening for The Mowgli’s on Wednesday, March 14th at the Casbah! Links to Coral Bells’ music are at the bottom of the page.

After a short intermission, MDRN HSTRY will be plugging in and playing songs from our upcoming album (release in JUNE 2018), 3 of which have NEVER BEEN PLAYED in front of an audience. We’re looking forward to your feedback!

Saturday the 10th we’ll be hitting the studio again to continue recording for the next full length release.

Check out Coral Bells here:     ————–>   

Grab tickets to their show at The Casbah with The Mowgli’s here: